restaurant reviews

after living 18 years in the ‘burbs and 4 years in the boondocks, i packed my things and moved to savannah, ga. everything you have heard about savannah is true; we are 15 minutes from the beach, pedestrians are often hit by cars, it smells like horse pee in the summer, we talk slower and the food is amazingly salty.

like myself, few people realize that savannah is quite the food hub. in 2014 alone, nearly a dozen restaurants have opened in the downtown area… making this my fattest year yet (excluding freshman year of college when i discovered jager).

needless to say, i found that discovering my new city one emoji check mark at a time suited me best. you could say that i have put in a hefty effort in the 6 months i have been here.

eating my way through savannah one check mark at a time

it was all in the name of research, people. so here it is, my diary of #SavannahEats.


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