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savannah is often described as “charming” or “quaint.” the historic buildings, cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages amplify it’s southern charm. you will find no shortage of sweet tea or fried chicken here. what you will not find- savannah is un-abounding with swanky spots; those hosting an eclectic menu and a contemporary setting. the restaurant scene in … Continue reading

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zoodles & chicken meatballs w/ avocado pesto

sneaking veggies into small children’s meals can be quite a task… sneaking vegetables into your 24-year-old boyfriend’s plates requires DEFCON 5 culinary ingenuity. as we linger in the produce section of the grocery store, i see him physically cringe as i reach for zucchini and avocados. “what are you planning on making with those?” he mutters … Continue reading

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stuffed flank steak

my inspiration:  i found this recipe on pinterest. thank you “Mommy’s Mahem!” my version:  say hello to fancy cheese. i chose fancy feta cheese with basil & sundried tomato (BECAUSE HELLO IT IS DELICIOUS) because picky boyfriends don’t like blue cheese. i also chose to use grape tomatoes because i already had some in the refrigerator … Continue reading