i find inspiration for my recipes from pinterest, food blogs, cookbooks, chrissy teigen, foodie instagrams, and my mom. i strive to cook delicious, semi-healthy, budget-friendly recipes that my picky boyfriend jeff will eat.

below is a compilation of my best trials and errors.

each recipe includes a difficulty and price ranking out of 5.

difficulty scale
¤ my sister can cook this
¤¤ you need very few kitchen tools & basic cooking knowledge
¤¤¤ this recipe requires a bit of skill & more than a cheese grater
¤¤¤¤ you feel comfortable with a food processor, mincing your own garlic and creating your own pasta sauces
¤¤¤¤¤ you better be on food network with your own show

price scale
$ 1-5 dollars
$$ 5-10 dollars
$$$ 10-15 dollars
$$$$ 15-20 dollars
$$$$$ too expensive

be sure to check the very bottom of each recipe if you’re a bad cook or poor or both.


One thought on “cookbook

  1. This has to be one of the most witty ,well written and entertaining foodie sites. I look forward to laughing while being guided through Savannahs finest restaurants. Cheers my angel !!!


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