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elizabeth on 37th vs. the olde pink house

if you’ve ever desired to have an over-priced dinner crammed into a house that isn’t your own– i have the spot for you! elizabeth on 37th came highly recommended to us upon moving to savannah. it is less than 2 blocks from our house and is considered to be one of the best fine dining experiences in our little coastal empire.
first of all, for a restaurant that charges close to $40 per plate, i wouldn’t have expected to walk up to what appeared to be a haunted house.
elizabeth's building

I wouldn’t say it has curb appeal…

standard dining room tables and booths lining the walls create an extremely cozy  cramped atmosphere. some might describe the decor as shabby chic, more like just shabby. it felt like i had just stepped foot into my granny’s living room with odd collections of porcelain pots, cobwebs and random assortments of dusty silk flowers. they sat us within arm’s reach of an elderly couple who looked less than thrilled that we were their new booth mates.

time for some alcohol.

jeff opted for 1 of the 3 beers they have listed on their menu. i chose 1 of their 5 pricey cocktail options – the lemon basil martini. note to self- order wine next time- the 2 gulp cocktail strongly resembled lemon-scented pine sol for the small price of TWELVE DOLLARS. our drinks and luke-warm peach dinner muffins were delivered quickly and our service was spectacular. i knew our dinner was going to take a sharp positive turn with each delectable word our server mouthed. everything made my mouth water. the menu includes a small variety of southern fare and nightly, seasonal specials.
Parmesan-crusted snapper over a local Carolina quail, black-eyed pea, arugala, and rep pepper hash

Parmesan-crusted snapper over a local Carolina quail, black-eyed pea, arugala, and red pepper hash

now walk out the door and don’t return until you’re old, rich and grumpy.

get in your car and follow abercorn street all the way to reynolds square. see the big pink building in the left corner? don’t walk, RUN to it. the olde pink house is very similar to elizabeth’s; an 18th century mansion turned restaurant minus the pretentious following plus a better atmosphere minus the rumored ghosts equals the best bite in savannah.

welcome to my favorite restaurant in the good ol’ S-A-V
The Olde Pink House

olde pink house

upon arriving, you’re greeted with the sweetest southern charm and offered seating on the main floor, upstairs, basement, or outdoor seating. you can even take a tour before choosing where to sit! i definitely recommend outdoor seating for lunch and the basement for dinner. you can find young people enjoying happy hour cocktails on the patio and a bustling crowd dancing to a live pianist in the basement.
the menu boasts a wide variety of the best southern cuisine in savannah; bourbon molasses grilled pork tenderloin, creamy grits, collards, and sweet potatoes with pecan vanilla butter are only a few of the mouth-watering items you will find on their menu. its too difficult to pick my favorite thing on the menu, so you’ll just have to try it for yourself! be sure to make reservations – there’s a reason this place always has a line out of the door! the service, food and atmosphere are unparalleled by any restaurant in savannah.
i recommend the olde pink house to all savannah- newbies and tourists. skip the high-priced places… and do not, i repeat DO NOT step foot near paula deen’s restaurant.

the olde pink house is the perfect taste of savannah.


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