asian fusion / restaurant review / savannah


savannah is often described as “charming” or “quaint.” the historic buildings, cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages amplify it’s southern charm. you will find no shortage of sweet tea or fried chicken here. what you will not find- savannah is un-abounding with swanky spots; those hosting an eclectic menu and a contemporary setting. the restaurant scene in savannah has longed for a facelift; to fill a void for those yearning for an edgier eating experience. CO has filled this void.
booths, long high-top communal tables and bar seating are almost completely full upon it’s second night being open. young faces sip crafty cocktails amongst red leather chairs and exposed brick. what appears to be the owner rushes to greet us at the door. a little intimidated by the bustling crowd, we opt for open seating at the sushi bar. we sit for a few minutes, take in our surroundings, and trade our seats for high top chairs at the communal tables.


the menu has an extensive list of reasonably priced asian-fusion items; noodles, sushi, curry, and pho- all under $15. i see the look of fear in jeff’s eyes as he searches frantically for something that resembles panda express chicken fried rice. this is not a restaurant for the unadventurous. nevertheless, i get a couple beers in him and he chooses the com chien with chicken ($14) ; this is the CLOSEST thing you can get to your standard chicken fried rice dish: fried rice, edamame, oyster sauce, sesame oil, egg, onions, scallions, and chicken.
anyone will tell you, my favorite thing to do at restaurants (especially when EVERYTHING looks good) is ask the server what their favorites are. our server recommends the cucumber mojito and the vietnamese ramen. well that’s great and all but hungry girls see low prices and think small portions, so naturally i order sushi too.
CUCUMBER MOJITO- cucumber vodka, soda water, fresh mint, and lime ($9)
VIETNAMESE RAMEN-  pork belly, shredded pork, poached egg, egg noodles,  bok choy, served in a pork broth ($14)
CRISPY DYNAMITE ROLL-  spicy sakana, cream cheese, yamagobo, masago, spicy aioli ($12)
Com Chien, Dynamite Roll, Cucumber Mojito, and Vietnamese Ramen

let’s just say i’m glad i wore a stretchy dress and to-go boxes were involved.

the food was delicious and the lower prices were no indication of the portion sizes. i truly appreciate what CO has done; a great atmosphere, prime location (on the north end of whitaker street), deliciously beautiful food with a reasonable price tag.

CO is polished but not pretentious.
it is sophisticated but not excessive. 

it gets better- CO is open for lunch and has recently opened an upstairs cocktail lounge- Cocktail CO. we will definitely be back! i suggest this spot for date night or a girls dinner before going out downtown. get out of your normal routine and become a regular at one of the coolest new spots in town.

cheers, hannah


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