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cohen’s retreat

i was a little wine drunk upon my visit to cohen’s retreat, so imagine my confusion when i get there and find out this place is:
  • a wedding venue
  • an art gallery
  • a home goods boutique
  • a renovated “old man’s home”
  • oh, and it’s also a restaurant… the whole reason i’m here.
it is also savannah restaurant week so the place is bustling with the coastal empire’s most elite. we take a seat in their gorgeous waiting area where we chatter about the over-priced art work and decor that surrounds us. we are escorted to our table after about 15 minutes, where we are greeted by our obviously stressed server. they appear to be severely understaffed, so we hurriedly put in our drink wine orders. we are presented with a shortened menu for the event and begin to barter.
“if you order the lion slider, i’ll give you some of my french onion soup…”
yes, lion. i have had to defend my decision regarding this evening almost weekly since.


are lions endangered? no

our server comes back after what feels like 9 years and we ask her about the “flame-grilled lion slider” listed on their menu. her response as is follows… and i quote:

“yes, it’s lion, like simba!”

thank you for clearing that up for us, but i think it’s time to change your line, comparing this dish to one of my favorite childhood disney characters is not a strong selling point. perhaps if she had replied:

“yes, it’s lion, like SCAR!”

i would have been a little less remorseful upon ordering. nevertheless, i am all about the experience and how many people do you know have eaten lion?!

so i made my choices and i stand by them. i’m also sorry to report that it was delicious.

my meal:
Appetizer: Ground Farm Raised Lion, Blended with Slow Smoked One Pig Farm Pork Belly Topped with Smoked Gouda Cheese on a Warm Soft Bun & Shoe String Garlic Fries
Entree: Savannah Style Cioppino- A Classic Mediterranean Seafood Stew of sweet lobster chunks, plump Prince Edward Island mussels, fresh Atlantic salmon, diver sea scallops, gulf oysters & chunks of local trout quickly simmered in a rich lobster stock with fresh herbs, wine, & caramelized onion. Topped with crispy calamari.
Dessert: Camel and Emu Jack Daniels Crème Brulee – Creamy Jack Daniels Custard set with Emu Egg in Rich Camel’s Milk Cream Topped with Turbinado Sugar, and Flame Kissed for a Crisp Crust! Mint, Cream, and Berries


the food prepared by savannah-native chef, Kirk Blaine, was delicious. and while our service was below par, i will definitely return to cohen’s. my bill was roughly $40 for all 3 courses and splitting a bottle of wine, however, this was their savannah restaurant week special pricing. normally, apps range from $7-$13, entrees $25-$35,and desserts $7-$10. i would rank this among savannah’s nicer and pricier options.
i would suggest this spot for a girl’s night out or a date night if you’re looking to get out of the downtown scene. cohen’s retreat is located on skidaway rd. going towards isle of hope.


they also offer wine tastings, art classes and my personal favorite “prosecco parties.” click the icon above to check out all cohen’s retreat has to offer.

cheers, hannah


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